How to relieve stress: simple tips and tricks

Stress is defined as the feeling of abnormal pressure from different aspects of your day to day life. The feeling makes you feel threatened or upset which can ultimately lead to abnormal behavior and various physical system. It especially affects your mental abilities and the way you react in different situations. You must take it into account before reaching intense condition. We specially designed this article to introduce some of the easiest and simple tips and tricks to relieve stress.

We recently spoke to Estil Wallace, CEO of Cornerstone Wellness Center and these are some of the tips he offered to reduce and relieve stress:

Manage your time

Do not try to overburden yourself and make a “to do” list. On this list, write all the important tasks that you want to do on a priority basis. Praise yourself for the accomplishment of your goals and stop procrastinating.

Take a healthy diet

Diet really affects your body as well as mental health. You must eat good food and drink a lot of water to have a healthy lifestyle. Nutrients and vitamin-rich food regulates hormonal levels in your body and is an important factor to change your mood. Such as banana is called happy fruit because it regulates your stress hormone and helps to reduce your stress level.


Exercise is one of the most effective remedies to relieve stress. It also helps to reduce your stress hormone such as cortisol and releases endorphins which relieves your stress and also act a painkiller. Meditation is also one of the most popular methods to reduce and pacify your stress. The activity heals your body, increases brain activity and promotes mental well-being.

Sleep for eight hours

Eight hours of uninterrupted sleep is really important to live a happy and healthy life. Therefore, try to have good sleep to overcome the problem.

Make some good friends

This is one of the most important factors that affect your moods and mental condition. Leave all modern technology and gadgets and spend some quality time with your friends and family. Always make good friends who listen to you and praise you. Your friends and people in your vicinity plays an important role in defining your character and moods.

Take a break

Take a break and go for a trip or tour may be a place covered with greenery. Green color really enhances your brain activity and relieves your stress level. A trip to a great and your favorite place will help you to break away from busy and material life.

Reduce alcohol and caffeine uptake

Use of caffeine and nicotine stimulates the hormone that causes mental stress. Alcohol also reacts with your body when taken in larger quantity and stimulates the depression. Try to consume organic and natural foods like water, herbal tea and fruit juice. They will increase your body immunity and your will power to combat stress and anxiety.

Clean environment

Clean your room, cupboard, your surrounding and freshen yourself. It unconsciously creates a rewarding feeling in your mind and helps to clean up the mess in your brain.