How Does Carbon Dioxide Affect the Environment?

In the modern world, people are concerned about the rising temperatures as it can lead to human extinction on this planet. Greenhouse gases are playing an important role in global warming. Greenhouse gases are actually responsible to maintain the heat in the planet’s atmosphere.

Carbon dioxide is a greenhouse gas that affects our environment. The gas is necessary for the survival of animals but in a moderate amount. An increase or decrease of carbon dioxide affects our environment in a negative manner.

How an increase or decrease will affect humanity and the overall environment of the planet? This question is being debated all over the world since the last decade. There are several international bodies that monitor carbon dioxide emissions. They are also spreading awareness to reduce carbon emissions and save the environment.

Although greenhouse gases naturally occur in the environment, human activity is also responsible for increased carbon dioxide emissions. The United States is responsible for 16 percent of the world’s total carbon dioxide emissions. Let’s take a look at how it is affecting our planet.


A moderate amount of carbon dioxide is necessary for the continued existence of animals. An increase or decrease of the carbon dioxide in the environment can lead to serious issues. It helps to maintain the pH level of the blood. If there is more than required carbon dioxide in the environment, it can cause coma or kidney failure. Ultimately, it will kill all the animals on the planet.

Global Warming

Carbon dioxide is one of the greenhouse gases come from burning fossil fuels and various other activities. The gas is contributing to an increase in the earth’s temperature. Global warming is responsible for the increase in ocean levels, melting of glaciers, etc.

It is expected that most of the middle east countries will become inhabitable by 2040 if don’t counter global warming. The Natural Resources Defense Council has warned that global warming can trigger flooding, water shortages, catastrophic weather event, etc. In short, it will disturb our ecosystems.

How to Reduce Carbon Dioxide Emissions?

When it comes to carbon dioxide emissions, the world is already taking serious measures. The scientists have warned that the continuous increase in carbon dioxide emissions will make this planet inhabitable. Since we don’t have any other habitable planet, we need to keep the earth safe at every cost.

There are various ways through you can help in reduction of carbon emissions.

  1. Recycling is an important factor as we use resources to create new parts again.
  2. Start using public transport and minimize private transport as much as possible.
  3. Start using a cycle for short distances.
  4. Reduce your garbage, especially plastic waste.
  5. Fossil fuels are the major source of carbon dioxide emissions. Limit the fossil fuels where it is possible.