How to meditate to relieve stress effectively

There are so many techniques to relieve stress and meditation is considered one of the best technique to deal with stress effectively. In the article, we will share some basic tips to meditate.

According to research, daily meditation increases your brain activity and relieves your stress. For meditation, you need to sit up straight and recite positive words while focusing. Let not allow any distracting thought to come to you and sync your words with the in and out movement of breath. Meditation is a highly efficient and effective remedy to only treat your anxiety and stress but it has the ability to heal your body and illness. You will ultimately feel positive and a happy person with strong nerves.

Position and Body Posture

Take a comfortable position on a chair or on the ground in a peaceful place. Straighten your back and slump your shoulders. The posture will help you to stay in this position for a long time without being tired.

Close your eye

After sitting in the correct posture, focus on a point in the distance and close your eyes. Relax your facial muscles, slack your jaws and relax everybody muscle. Inhale air into your nose and feel the breath from your abdomen to the head and in a similar way exhale the air.

Clear all thoughts

This is the most important part of meditation clear your mind and remove all thoughts in your head. At first, you might feel it difficult but with the passage of time you will learn to do so. Do not worry if you are unable to completely wipe out your thought but it’s a practice to let your thoughts go away.

Carry on

Carry on this exercise, it will ultimately increase your focus and will help to increase your brain activity and release your stress. At beginning meditate for 5 minutes, with the passage of time increase time of meditation.

Tips to follow during meditation


You must give yourself some time to meditate in a good way. Although there is no perfect meditation, you can not achieve the goal of this perfect exercise. The practice makes your meditation better than before.

Give yourself time

Start meditation with the sessions of 5 minutes when you feel comfortable then prolong the exercise to 10-15 minutes. Likewise, increase the meditation time up to 30 minutes. The time you will complete meditation you will feel more focused and relaxed.

Set goals

You can lose at the start after a short time of meditation. Try to keep track of your time and set a goal to reach the level. To know the time during meditation you can use a timer or may be your phone app. After some time you will eventually get better and you will feel easy after some time to meditate without setting up a time.